2 Player Dark Racing

2 Player Dark Racing

Challenge your friends in 2 Player Dark Racing's intense races illuminated by neon. Strive for first place in every race and spend the spoils on better automobiles. Show off your skills with these high-speed vehicles in a competitive game against the computer or a friend. Avoid crashes and keep your course to keep your speed up. Can you beat the competition and be the first to finish?

How To Play

Drive the purpose-built speed demons in this alternate racing universe while attempting to ignore the flashing neon lighting. To compete against each other or the computer-controlled opponents, you can either invite a friend to join you on the same screen or play solo. You will like the challenge, no matter which path you take, because these are all challenging tracks. Keep an eye out for obstacles and do what you can to get ahead of your competition right away. Complete the game to gain access to all vehicles and to prove your worth to your rivals.


  • Cool 3D effects
  • Incredible neon-like them
  • Lockable automobiles
  • Both a one-player and a two-player mode are available.
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