Agame Stunt Cars

Agame Stunt Cars

Agame Stunt Cars is a three-dimensional car simulator. With two different big maps, drive the most thrilling and swiftest vehicles and do the most flawless and astounding feats. In this 3D driving game, you may pull off countless insanely spectacular stunts. Enjoy!

How To Play

Choose one of these unbreakable sports vehicles, and prepare to perform incredible 360-degree turns and rocket off ramps. You can throw anything at these cars, and they will handle it. You earn points for doing wacky things, and you can use those points to buy new vehicles to drive by accumulating more points. You control your car on the expansive map loaded with ramps, loops, and other buildings with the ARROWS or WASD keys. While you try to avoid wrecking the automobile, you can perform stunts, drifts, and other cool feats that can only be achieved through simulation.

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