Boat Merge & Race

Boat Merge & Race

Boat Merge & Race is a thrilling 3D arcade racing game where you take control of your very own boat. You can increase your boat's speed and strength by merging two vehicles that are otherwise identical. Accumulating gold coins, competing in races, and overcoming AI opponents are all ways to progress through the game.


How To Play

Proficiently controlling your boat, collecting gold coins, and defeating enemies are the keys to each level's victory. Smart and rapid planning will be put to the test in this game. Given that you can choose from fifty distinct boats, the possibilities are practically limitless. A total of fifty boats and seventeen upgradeable props will be available to you. Sustaining the flotation of your vessel is another objective you must accomplish. Each race feels fresh and thrilling since every ship has its own distinct design and set of features. As you play, remember to gather gems so you may purchase additional boats and upgrade them by merging them.


Mouse-click or tap to play

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