Car Simulator Racing Car game

Car Simulator Racing Car game

You'll find a sizable metropolis in the Car Simulator Racing Car game! A vintage 3D vehicle driving simulator. You should familiarize yourself with the responsibilities at hand because this place is brimming with prospects for eager drivers. Increase your garage's size by completing assignments and earning money!

How To Play

To unlock all of the cars in your garage, you must perform several missions in this game. Any task may be one of these assignments! There are occasions when you must drive a police officer to the station, and there are instances when you must arrive at your destination quickly. Watch the fuel tank at all times! To refuel, make sure to stop by the gas stations. With enough cash, you can unlock the majority of the vehicles, but others require you to participate in races and other tasks. Are the top vehicles available to fill your garage?


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • A big, open-ended map
  • Missions of all kinds to finish
  • Unlock and drive several different vehicles
  • Controls that are simple


  • Use WASD to drive
  • SHIFT to speed boost

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