Prepare to compete in a racing match at! This game, which gathers players from all over the world in one arena, makes you rely on your driving abilities to go through this battle. Get extra points by doing more car bumps. With more car destruction, the size of the fighting vehicles grows. Hit and knock off the vehicles as quickly as you can if you want to be the last car demolition fighter standing.

How to play

Racing is the typical setting for driver competition. In this game, your main goal is to eliminate all other players from the arena while avoiding their attempts to do the same. To achieve this, you must attempt to push other players over the edge. You can choose a nickname for yourself and an automobile from 12 available possibilities. Both you and the players you hit will take a little damage. You won't want to slip off the ledge while attempting to take out a rival, so pay attention to your surroundings. Try to defeat as many opponents as you can, because as you grow, your power will increase.


  • 12 distinct automobile skins are available.
  • Interactive controllers, online multiplayer, and a ranking system

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