City Driver Steal Cars

City Driver Steal Cars

Carry out your dangerous illegal plot in City Driver Steal Cars. You are a good thief, and you take over this whole city. Let's embark on a mission to steal cars and sell them. Do all you want with the cars you have. Complete all missions and become the best car thief in the city.


How To Play

Luxury cars abound in this metropolis. Set out on an exciting journey over a huge and unexplored planet! Reach your goal of being a vehicle thief by navigating the congested, automobile-filled streets. Take various car types and drive them to your garage to make money. Experience what it's like to drift at a high speed and collide with other vehicles while trying to get away from the cops. After you find the automobile you want to steal and drive it to the garage, you can advance through the stages and earn upgrades. Now hit the streets and demonstrate your prowess as a robber by taking as many vehicles as you can!


  • Vibrant 3D visuals 
  • Support for three distinct driver perspectives 
  • Requires deft handling of the steering controls 
  • A pleasurable driving experience

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