Congested Car Parking

Congested Car Parking

You'll have to put your parking skills to the test in the enjoyable and difficult parking game, Congested Car Parking. Your objective in this game is to find the designated parking spot in each of the game's 20 stages of ever more challenging parking situations. Have fun!

How To Play

Simple is your goal! Your car should be parked in the designated spot on each level. You must complete each of the 20 stages one by one to progress. While driving, use the WASD keys carefully. Numerous challenges can be found on every level! You are allowed five lives on each level. A life point is deducted when you hit an obstacle, and if you lose all five, the level fails. Your position is indicated by the blue arrow at the top. Unable to escape after taking a wrong turn? To start a level from scratch, click the reset button in the top-right corner. Good times!


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • Controls that are simple
  • Games that are both fun and difficult
  • The completion of 20 levels

With our selection of free online parking games, you can feel the rush of locating a suitable location for your automobile among crowded and difficult parking lots. Enjoy!

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