Don't Drink and Drive Simulator

Don't Drink and Drive Simulator

Take part in the simulation game of driving while drinking in Don't Drink and Drive Simulator. a game that simulates driving on a traffic-filled two-way road. Try to drive a car while drinking to avoid collisions. However, collisions are completely possible. Therefore, the game wants to give the message, "Don't drink alcohol in traffic".

How To Play

Choose an alcoholic drink and get behind the wheel of a car in traffic on a busy road. This is a simulation game with a classic style, putting players in the scene of a drunk driving a car. Try to keep your eyes on the road, drive straight, and avoid collisions with other cars and road medians. It is difficult, and accidents are likely to occur. Monitor your damage percentage on the front of the vehicle. This is just a simulation game and warns people that using alcohol while driving is very dangerous. So don't drive while drinking alcohol!

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