Drink Drive Survive

Drink Drive Survive

Drink Drive Survive challenges you to drive on mixed two-way roads. It's a game that simulates drunk driving, and it's easy to lose control. Driving a car while drunk is something you should not do. The game is a place where you can feel how dangerous it is for drivers to participate in traffic. Let's start by seeing how far you can drive while drunk.

How To Play

The game puts you in a dangerous driving situation while drunk. Driving a car on a two-way road with many vehicles Collecting coffee cups on the road helps you stay more alert. However, please pay attention, because it is easy to collide and cause an accident. And you will have to start over in the event of an accident. Try to stay safe and conquer various levels. The simulation game provides a reminder of the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Remember not to drink alcoholic beverages while driving!

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