EG Endless Car

EG Endless Car

Prepare to flee from the police in EG Endless Car by traveling along an unending highway! As soon as you can, try to break free of their perspective. Are you prepared to play this intriguing escape game? Lucky you!

How To Play

Driving down an endless road while under police surveillance can be exciting and frustrating, but it can also be quite entertaining. In this racing game, your goal is to get away from the pursuing cops. There will be many police cars following you. They become disoriented and collide if your turns are not made quickly enough. The police cars explode when they collide. While escaping, you should also gather the cash that is lying in wait. To achieve the greatest score possible is your goal. Simply strive to surpass your prior score. Put your belt on and start running away! Fun times!


  • No levels to complete, but addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • Things to gather

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