Grid Race

Grid Race

Show your driving skills in the Grid Race game. Players will be driven through beautiful 3D terrain with obstacles such as blocks and steep sections. Control your car on the 3D terrain while avoiding obstacles, gathering strength, and scoring more points. How far can you go on this interesting driving journey?


How To Play

You are ready for the journey to explore the beautiful 3D terrain in Grid Race. Your task is to press the control pen in the left corner box to control the car in the 3D terrain, which is very beautiful and multi-dimensional. Observe the front to avoid obstacles on the way. The pillars appear scattered throughout the road, along with difficult, steep roads. Be very careful, control the car slowly in the bends, and avoid obstacles. Do not forget to collect points to increase your strength. You can control the car with a mobile controller on the screen, a mouse, or an arrow. Prove your ability to drive the peak by going as far as possible.

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