Hurakan City Driver HD

Hurakan City Driver HD

In the magnificent driving simulation game Hurakan City Driver HD, you get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and experience lifelike mechanics and visuals. Driving a gorgeous Lambo, you may perform incredible acrobatics and drift through the busy streets of the metropolis. Play through challenging missions and earn cash to buy every unique vehicle in the game.

How To Play

Hurakan City is a drifting mecca and racing paradise. You can go to the basement and begin looking for problems to solve. Accepting missions, participating in races, and completing them within the allotted time and score are all ways to earn bonuses. You can find challenges by searching for events in the streets, then clicking "accept" next to the challenge to head to the starting place. The many types of races have different effects on the gameplay. The game's racing mode is activated whether you're competing against other players or trying to cross the finish line first, while the drifting mode is automatically activated whenever you enter a drifting race. Spend your hard-earned cash at the garage to improve your performance in the game by increasing your speed, acceleration, braking, and handling.


  • Quality 3D animation
  • Viewable city plans
  • Street tasks that are both fun and difficult
  • Two play styles

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