Infinite Bike Trials

Infinite Bike Trials

Conquer the most interesting and wild adventures in Infinite Bike Trials. Show your motorbike racing skills on wild forest roads. Climbing the towering cliffs, performing the airflow in the air, walking on the bridge full of dangerous motion, and more. Many new lands and rugged terrain are waiting for you to explore and overcome. Conquer the rugged terrain and enroll in the ranking of the most brave people.

How To Play

Are you ready for this interesting but dangerous trip? This is the place to check your courage and top-notch motorbike racing skills. To start on the top-terrain motorbike and start the first journey. Overcoming the extremely difficult and wild terrain of the mountains: walking on the giant rocks, downhill, making a flying blow in the air, and more. Each journey always contains new difficulties that players must overcome. However, carefully control the speed and keep the balance to avoid collisions and let the person touch the ground; otherwise, you will lose and have to start the journey again. Try to complete the tracks and upgrade; choose your favorite paint color for your motorcycle. Have fun!

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