Moto Boss

Moto Boss

Become the best motorcycle racer in Moto Boss. Show off your motorcycle driving skills and go as far as you can. To do this, you need to navigate the car through all the challenges and difficulties on the way. Prove you are the strongest racer!

How To Play

The objective is to get the car to the finish line as quickly as possible by avoiding obstacles. On this platform adventure, you won't be driving; instead, you'll be navigating tight curves and steep climbs. Starting off, your character will wander around on his own, but timing his turns correctly is crucial. Either use the space bar or click and hold the left mouse button to rotate your character. If you don't time your moves correctly, you can topple off the platform. Gather as many coins as you can so you may purchase boosters, unlock new skins for riders and bikes, and more. Have fun!


  • Exciting three-dimensional visuals
  • Simple interfaces
  • Engaging and difficult controller controls
  • Choose from ten unique bike skins
  • 20 unique skins for riders to unlock

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