Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman is an exciting new motorcycle stunt game that will put your racing prowess and courage to the test. Get on your trusty motorcycle and race over exciting courses with a wide variety of landscapes, obstacles, and moving parts.

How To Play

In this game, the finish line is a distant goal that you must attain by navigating through varied environments and overcoming natural obstacles. Extra seconds and the top time on the leaderboard can be yours with some daring antics. Timing and accuracy are of the utmost importance; accelerate and brake at the right times to keep your balance and prevent tipping over. Your chances of winning increase in direct proportion to your speed and the number of tricks you perform. Are you prepared to show off your skills as a motorcyclist and break records?


Use the up arrow or the W key to access gas. Pressing the down arrow or the S key applies the brake. You may spin the motorbike and do a somersault with the A and D keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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