Night City Racing

Night City Racing

Take advantage of this opportunity to play the game Night City Racing and drive a remarkably realistic car simulation! Drive a total of ten incredibly quick sports cars in which you can engage in racing, challenge, or free-for-all modes of play. Win the race, then upgrade the vehicles. Get in your cars and start a thrilling race against each other!

How To Play

You'll learn about a city with a lovely sunset in this racing game. You must first decide between the challenge mode and the racing mode. You can also select free drive mode if you wish to enjoy the motion of driving. Both the single-player and two-player modes are available. Make the most of your driving abilities and strive to finish first overall in each race. Unlock new vehicles with improved acceleration, braking, handling, and speed. Enter the garage and modify every aspect, such as the color, the engine, or the bodywork. Bring forth your inner racer and become involved in every aspect of your car and this race!


2-player mode; 3D, vibrant graphics; Need for quick player control unlocking cars

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