OffRoad Truck In The Rain

OffRoad Truck In The Rain

OffRoad Truck In The Rain invites you to become a truck driver transporting goods on a rugged trail. If you are looking for a driving challenge that is difficult and requires a lot of skill, you can test your driving skills in this game. The game requires you to drive a cargo truck in rainy weather on bumpy and slippery dirt roads. Drive the cargo truck to its destination safely, avoid dropping any boxes, and avoid overturning the vehicle. How far can you go?

How To Play

Are you ready for this challenging cargo truck driving challenge? This is not just a simple cargo game; the game requires drivers to have much more skills than that. Your mission is to transport boxes to the warehouse in difficult, rainy, and windy weather conditions. Pay attention to dirt roads that are quite rough and slippery, leading to vehicle overturns. At each turn, slow down and be very careful. If you go too fast, some boxes will fall during transport and easily cause the vehicle to overturn. Be a responsible driver by completing your cargo duties without causing any collisions and delivering all assigned goods. For each completed mission, you will receive points. Use these points to unlock new trucks with better engines and more game modes.

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