Overloaded Bus

Overloaded Bus

Overloaded Bus invites you to become a bus driver, transporting passengers in a city. Drive around the city, stop at bus stops, and pick up passengers in the city. However, pay attention to the number of passengers boarding the bus. If the car is overloaded, it will explode! Don't let that happen.

How To Play

Are you ready for this exciting mission? As a long-time bus driver, you have driven and operated buses in a simple way. Drive the bus through the passenger pick-up and drop-off points. Pick up passengers at various pick-up points throughout the city. To pick up passengers on the bus, hold the screen. The number of passengers is quite large. Therefore, pay attention to the number of passengers boarding the bus to avoid overloading the bus. If buses are overloaded, they will explode. There are many challenging levels of increasing difficulty for you to conquer. How many difficult levels can you complete?

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