Parking Ticket Mayhem

Parking Ticket Mayhem

Parking Ticket Mayhem will bring players an old retro style. The PS1-era shooting game will give you a different perspective compared to regular games. Due to an undeserved parking ticket, Matthew felt angry, breaking all the vehicles and buildings he saw. Enjoy!

How To Play

Matthew discovers a parking ticket in his car after ordering takeout in the movie Parking Ticket Mayhem. They were furious and proceeded to smash everything in their path, including police cars and buildings, with baseball bats. In a matter of seconds, you can make thousands of dollars by destroying a car or a structure and getting payment in return. The game will terminate when you can either reset everything or wait to get into your car. If you'd like, you can also use your pistol. That being said, it's amusing to witness automobiles plummeting from the sky or coming to rest on building rooftops. It is not appropriate for younger players to play this game due to its strong language.

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