Pixel Crash 3D

Pixel Crash 3D

Grab your ride and go wild in Pixel Crash 3D! You're welcome to immerse yourself entirely in this world of bright digital squares known as "pixels. Here, the vibrant metropolis and the life of a bandit come together. Is this kind of journey, however, something you feel prepared for?

How To Play

If you're a good driver, show it off in Pixel Crash 3D, a racing and bumping game. To begin, pick a vehicle and modify it however you like by picking out new paint jobs and such. To get better cars and drivers, though, you'll need to earn more coins through playing. Afterwards, you'll be able to select either the racing mode, the destruction mode, or the city mode. In the first mode, you'll want to beat out your competition by whatever means necessary. In this mode, you have to avoid crashing your vehicle. Instead of losing points for colliding with other vehicles, you'll rack up scores in demolition mode. At last, the city mode is unrestricted driving.


  • 3D pixel art designs
  • Unlockable skins and skill progression
  • Need for skilled handling at the wheel
  • Levels upon levels

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