Rally Champ

Rally Champ

Play Rally Champ, the most realistic 3D car racing game ever made. Compete on a variety of tracks against other top-tier racers with your own vehicle. Experience the thrill of racing like a pro on these varied courses.


How To Play

Your primary objective is to take part in Rally Car Championship races all around the world. To avoid slowing down too much while dodging your opponents, you must exercise extreme caution. In a similar vein, the yellow boosters on the floor can be crossed to gain speed. You'll need to avoid other cars, rev your engine around tight turns, gather cash, and spruce up your ride so you can win the next race. Take your time around the corners so you can win some coins at the end of the race. In this manner, you can spend your winnings on better racing equipment. Go for broke now and do everything in your power to win the world championship!


• Unlockable new automobiles

• Colorful 2D visuals Competent handling of the vehicle requires

• There are four races, spread across four continents

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