Rush Hour 3D

Rush Hour 3D

Rush Hour 3D invites you to participate in a high-speed race on a busy highway. Control the vehicle as it moves forward at high speed, avoiding collisions with vehicles ahead. Visibility is narrow, so be careful and react quickly to unexpected lane changes. In any collision, your car will explode. How far can you go in this race?

How To Play

Get ready for a racing challenge on the highway during rush hour. There are many vehicles on the road, and one thing that makes it difficult is that visibility is limited by the white fog. Pay attention and steer your vehicle to the left or right to avoid oncoming traffic. There are many vehicles on the road during rush hour, making it difficult to move, so practice the ability to react quickly to unexpected lane changes. Don't let a collision happen; otherwise, you will have to start over. Go as far as possible. Show off your driving skills.

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