Simulated Truck Driving

Simulated Truck Driving

Simulated Truck Driving invites you to become a truck driver tasked with carrying many different types of items. Drive the truck in rainy weather on a bumpy road. Master the speed and control of a balance bike throughout the journey. Note that the trail terrain is slippery and can easily cause your vehicle to overturn. Go slowly on each turn; avoid dropping goods. Unlock many new levels with different missions.

How To Play

Get ready for this difficult truck-driving mission. Here, you will receive the task of carrying construction items on an abandoned trail to a safe destination. What makes the game even more difficult is that you have to drive in rainy and windy weather conditions. The terrain of the trail is bumpy and slippery, making it easy for the wheels to lose control and cause a collision. Please control your speed on tight curves when the vehicle is susceptible to overturning and causing goods to fall. Be a responsible driver by completing your cargo duties safely and on time. If you ride and complete missions, you will unlock the next level. Each mission will bring a unique and exciting driving experience. Explore and conquer all the levels.

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