Street Race Pursuit

Street Race Pursuit

As the dust settles in Street Race Pursuit, it's time to hit the pavement and make a quick buck. You must run around and grab as much money as you can while avoiding the police and many traps. Gather bonuses to increase your chances of evading capture while you strive to save up enough money to win the round. You could lose a lot of cash if the police accidentally ram into your car. Do you feel ready for this thrilling racing game? Get a load of this!

How To Play

In this game, you'll be driving around on different routes as the police are hot on your tail. Avoiding the roadside hazards while collecting the cash is the goal of this game. There is a financial target at the end of each stage that must be met. Once you've completed each stage and achieved the goals, you'll unlock the next one. There are a total of eight cities waiting to be discovered and raced through. In addition, you'll have your pick of eight vehicles, each with its own top speed, handling, and other controls. Steer clear of the other vehicles, since their occupants may attempt to steal from you. This game gets progressively harder the further you get into it. Avoid the cops at all costs because they will chase you down and steal your money. Have you got what it takes to drive like a wild animal and gradually open up new levels? Get a load of this!


  • There are a total of eight levels to beat.
  • A total of eight playable vehicles
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Game with a high potential for addiction

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