Super Racing GT : Drag Pro

Super Racing GT : Drag Pro

Super Racing GT : Drag Pro puts you in the driver's seat of a world-spanning race. If you think you're the best racer around, then prove it in this drag racing game. You can improve your vehicle with a variety of parts and accessories. Do you feel ready to take charge and prove your superiority?


How To Play

You can finally get in your car and drive away. The goal of this game is to come out on top in every race you enter. A pedal icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Make sure the rev counter stays in the green zone by clicking it. In this game, you need to time your gear changes perfectly to succeed. When the rev needle enters the green area, use the arrows in the upper-right corner of the screen to advance. To win, you'll also need a tricked-out ride. You can get better equipment by visiting the game's store. The money you make at the end of each game can also be used to buy brand new automobiles.


  • Interactive and entertaining Fast-paced gaming
  • Modularity choices
  • Where to find brand-new automobiles

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