Traffic Rider Moto Bike Racing

Traffic Rider Moto Bike Racing

Speeding like the wind in Traffic Rider Moto Bike Racing requires you to fasten your seatbelts and mount your bicycle. Would you like to demonstrate that you are the best rider alive? If that's the case, put your skills to the test by playing through the few game types!

How To Play

There are three distinct game types for you to explore in this game. Get through all 10 levels in Career Mode. There is a specific goal for each of these stages that you must achieve. You can also attempt the Endless Mode, which is the second option. You can ride for as long as you choose in this mode because there are no constraints. To learn the ropes of the game, this is the best mode to play in. The Time Trail mode makes up the third option. The goal of this mode is to collect coins at a rapid pace before the timer runs out. Riding dangerously near other vehicles is a great way to win cash. Timer seconds will be added as well. In all of these modes, crashing into other cars will result in failure. For better bikes, stop by the garage! I hope you enjoy yourselves!

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