Turn Over Master

Turn Over Master

Start the exciting adventure in Turn Over Master stunt racing. Show off your ultimate racing skills and do everything you want: high-speed races, breathtaking aerobatics, and a steep, winding track. Enjoy hours of cool racing!

How To Play

Are you ready for this dangerous but extremely exciting race? If so, get in the car with the stickman and start your journey by clicking the Start button on the screen. Control is very simple; just use the mouse to move left, right, or up for a high flight. One thing to note is that the racing distance in this game is very special, including steep slopes and narrow turns. Control the appropriate speed on each road segment, and perform an aerial dash to land carefully. Don't let any collisions occur; otherwise, your car will explode. Don't forget to collect coins along the way to upgrade new cars. How far can you go?

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