Winding Road

Winding Road

Take your truck on a thrilling ride into the clouds on Winding Road. The twists and turns of Winding Road are not for the faint of heart. The goal of the game is, of course, to keep that moving vehicle under your full control. To maximise your score, you should collect checkpoints and travel as far as possible.

How to play

An endless racing game, Navigate your vehicle around sharp turns without losing control. The steep, twisting, and narrow road is obscured by dense fog. You can build a high score by accumulating checkpoints. You'll get a better overall score the more checkpoints you accumulate. The truck maintains a steady speed throughout the entire level. Because of this, it's easy to drive. However, the winding roads might be dangerous if you're not paying attention. Take charge of a vehicle and drive it as far as you can to rack up points. If your vehicle veers off the track, you will be penalised. Are you prepared to become an excellent truck driver?


  • Repeatedly Repetitive
  • Easy-to-use settings
  • Stunning 3D graphics and addictive tunes.


Press MOUSE LEFT and MOUSE RIGHT to steer a vehicle.